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The Centre of Thailand Cycling Culture...

Among the many treasures which cycling in Thailand has to offer, one that is possibly less known outside of the country is the oddly named, Happy Healthy Bike Lane. What began as groups of local cyclists riding the airport service lanes, has been reinvented over and again, growing over the last decade, into a world class facility and the centre of cyclinglife in the South East Asian kingdom.

On any given Sunday or Saturday, you can find up to 10,000 cyclists enjoying the totally free facilities with state-of-the-art snap band scanners, and a range of tracks, all the way from striders and BMX pump track for kids, to running and cycling tracks. The whole facility is built around the 23.5km airport loop, which has 4 specially coated lanes, 2 for regular cyclists, and 2 for pelotons and time trial riders needing an unencumbered roadway to eek out the watts in the tropical sunshine.

The track, with some royal assistance has also developed into the epicentre of cycling culture in South East Asia, with local pedalers of modest means on homemade machines, riding wheel to wheel with the high society of Bangkok. Some of the 'hi-so' rider's jerseys alone are worth multiple times the value of some bikes. Every kind of machine, clothing, accessory, racking and equipment is on show. Bike brands have capitalised on this also, with concept stores and clothing brands basing themselves near the bike rental stores in the promenade behind the expansive food court, which forms the social centre of the facility.

Whether you know it as the Blue Lane, Skylane, Airport Track or the Happy Healthy Bike Lane; the track is a must see for any cyclist visiting Thailand.

WeAdventure includes a shakedown and bike fitting ride as part of many of the WeRide adventures beginning in Thailand, feel free to ask about the track, or just come and meet us there for a ride and a coffee!

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