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Our Story

We don't just travel, WeAdventure

WeAdventure was founded by Daniel Moylan FRGS.  It is the culmination of an adventure that began in 2007, when Daniel created and led a TransGlobal Expedition, travelling through 26 countries, and remote regions. 

The purpose of the expedition was to open the worlds eyes to the joys of travel. 


In 2008, Daniel joined one of the UK's most popular experiential marketing firms, creating large and small scale events for some of the most innovative brands in the world.  Following a need to give back to the destinations he had travelled through, he spent almost 10 years at the helm of one of the worlds most successful Bike Touring companies, taking countless groups to experience those same adventure destinations.


In WeAdventure, the places that we know and love, are shared through fascinating biking and trekking programmes and world class events, that promote and benefit  communities and environment.

PNZ Anchor

WeAdventure Partner with Path Net Zero

We are dedicated to supporting the countries, communities and environments we operate in. Our offsetting projects portfolio is verified to the highest global standards and is strategically curated to deliver maximum impact for planet and people. Projects include reforestation, generating new renewable energy, sponsoring communities eco-initiatives and wildlife eco-projects —all critical to the sustainability of adventure travel.

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